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ABOUT youth unplugged academy

Youth Unplugged Academy is an outdoor play-class that runs in 8 week sessions for 2 hours each class.  Academy is run by 2 trained leaders with a ratio of 2 adults: 16 kids.  Academy will take place in public parks in the leaders’ geographical region.  Children will: play active games to get them moving, make arts & crafts, & have group chats pertaining to that sessions' theme.  Parents are encouraged to stay at the park while children are participating.  However, please note that this is a tech-free zone, so we ask that you bring a book, a snack, something else to do other than being on technology while you watch/wait. 

Parental involvement: The last 15 minutes of each Academy class will include family participation to set goals for the upcoming week, ways to help achieve better balance in our lives regarding technology.  


What do my kids learn while they're in play-class?

Each session has theme-based activities, group chats and arts & crafts.  Additionally, throughout every class, we help the children learn balance in 4 important arenas of their life: 

  • Mind- how to regulate your emotions, express yourself, and communicate your needs and wants

  • Body- how to regulate your physical responses, how movement & mindfulness are important lifestyle components

  • Earth- how we are all connected, our responsibility to care for the Earth and how we can help take care of Nature

  • Community- how to connect and create in-person friendships, the importance of a positive community and how to know if your community is positively or negatively affecting you

And the most wonderful part is that children are learning all of this through a fun, outdoor play-class! 

Mind & Body

Mind & Body

Nature & Community

Nature & Community


additional Questions?

Is there an incentive for my child to attend more than one session?

In addition to their own personal growth in connection, health and emotional development, students will have the opportunity to earn badges with our themes and session term on them.  This is a fun, tangible reward and incentive for kids to continue attending.  There is also an additional reward for completing an entire year (Four 8-week sessions) of Youth Unplugged Academy!

Can my student attend more than one session?

Absolutely!  Students have the opportunity to work through all 10 values by attending 1 year (4 sessions) of Youth Unplugged Academy.  The next year, they are welcome and encouraged to join again- the activities and games fluctuate, although the themes will still continue to rotate on the same seasonal schedule.  We feel addressing the themes of Harmony & Balance, for instance, once a year, is beneficial.  Every session is a new experience- the students attending change which creates a different community dynamic, and children mature and so does their understanding and connection to these themes. 

Why is it important to be in Nature?

Studies are showing us that Nature is tremendously beneficial for our health, yet we are at an all time low for time spent outdoors.  In America, Indigenous Native Americans have lived with nature longer than anyone. We believe the thousands of years they spent listening to America’s great outdoors has resulted in them having something to teach us. A portion of our staff include Native Americans.  A study was conducted to determine Indigenous values across North America and Canada and resulted in the following 10 common values amongst 45 tribes. Throughout our programming, we will embrace these themes through Group Chats and activities revolving around these topics. 


Health benefits of nature: 
-feeling open, connected, that we belong, dopamine is released, immune system improved, and stress response system decreased.

"Americans spend 93% of their time indoors or in cars. 
On average, that's only 12 hours per week outside!"

Spending time in Nature:
Reduces inflammation, depression, anger
Improves cardiovascular health, cognitive function,
creativity, and concentration